Skydiving San Diego – America’s Finest Skydiving

Veteran and new skydivers across Southern California increasingly choose to skydive San Diego because its competitive prices, experienced instructors, and state-of-the-art facilities. You can always choose the ever popular tandem jump with an instructor which only needs several minutes of ground briefing before the jump. However, San Diego skydiving facilities also offer competitive solo jumping packages which include the required AFF certification training. After a 4-6 hour ground training session you will make your first solo jump to pass the Accelerated Free Fall level one jump training. After passing the full AFF San Diego skydiving course you will legally be able to make unsupervised skydives at a fraction of what a tandem jump costs.

skydive near beautiful San Diego, CA

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Skydive San Diego in Clear Skies and Fair Weather!

If you are unfamiliar with San Diego skydiving weather, you may not be aware that it is considered by The Weather Channel as tied in the top 2 best climate cities in the United States! This is the other reason why so many SoCal skydivers prefer to skydive in San Diego. There’s nothing worse for skydiving than rain, heavy winds, or low overcast skies. However, these inclement weather conditions are rarely seen in San Diego and the city enjoys mild and sunny days throughout the year including winter. This means the San Diego skydiving facilities stay open year round and jump cancellations are almost unheard of. As far as weather and climate goes, San Diego, California is an A+ skydiving city!


San Diego Airborne Experiences

tandem Skydiving San Diego CAProbably every San Diego local and most tourists to the city have visited Mission Beach, Balboa Park and the Cowles Mountain. The magnificent views of the San Diego Bay, the Laguna Mountains and the downtown skyline are also fun to see. While these are great tourist places to check out, you are probably looking for some more exciting. San Diego skydiving is not your only choice for an adrenaline-packed flight experience.

Other exciting experiences you might want to consider are the airborne flights. San Diego biplane flights will give you a different kind of blast as you get to sit on the front seat while the pilot maneuvers the plane from the back seat to give you a full panoramic view of the Southern California Coast.  You may instruct your pilot to make the ride as heart-pounding or as tempered as you wish. Alternatively, you may take a first-time flight lesson piloting a single-engine plane.

A more peaceful but just as thrilling experience is the San Diego Hot Air Balloon ride. Hot air balloons can be a better option if you want a more serene and calm moment as you take on the breathtaking scenery in the city and countryside. If available, you can also try the sail planes which would give you an enthralling view of the San Diego valleys and mountains.


San Diego Indoor Skydiving

If the San Diego skydiving and airborne experiences are too terrifying for you, then you can choose to try indoor skydiving. San Diego’s multi-million dollar indoor skydiving facility gives you the same freefall experience but rather than dropping from 12,000 feet, you will be hovering just a few feet from the ground above powerful fans.

Whether you choose to skydive San Diego or opt for another airborne experience, be sure to choose a reputable company and you are sure to have a safe, extraordinary and unforgettable adventure in this wonderful city!