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Learn about our top rated skydiving locations in the United States. If you live near or are visiting any of these cities, why not add an unforgettable skydiving experience to your itinerary?

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Skydiving FAQ

Learn About Skydiving

First time skydiver? Check out our skydiving educational articles and FAQ to learn everything you need to know before choosing your jump and going to the field.

Learn About Skydiving

Breathtaking Skydiving Videos

Skydiving Videos

Assortment of awesome and inspiring skydiving videos from conventional parachuting to master wingsuit skydiving including the Experience Freedom video featured above from Infinity List.

Skydiving Videos


Skydiving Locations USA provides links to drop zone listings and local skydiving coupons up to 70% off (where available) for skydiving locations and cities in the United States. We also review the most popular skydiving cities and provide up-to-date weather with extended 5-day forecasts so can plan your skydiving adventure accordingly.

First time skydivers and anyone considering a skydiving experience, don’t forget to check out our detailed skydiving educational resources to learn about the three basic parachute jumps, inclement skydiving weather which can lead to jump cancellations, and an extensive skydiving FAQ of everything you ever wanted to know about the sport (but were afraid to ask).

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