Top Skydiving Videos

Here we present a list of our favorite skydiving and BASE jumping, and wingsuit videos. Hopefully you will be as inspired as we are by these great productions as their goal is to help convey the thrilling experience of skydiving to anyone who has never done it.

First up, a breathtaking cinematic 3-part skydiving video series from Infinity List, an extreme sports video production team.


Chapter 1: Experience Human Flight


Chapter 2: Experience Zero Gravity


Chapter 3: Experience Freedom



Indoor Skydiving Competition Video

Awesome video footage of indoor skydiving formation flying.


The Need 4 Speed: The Art of Flight

This video is made from a group of clips from flights during 2009-2010 from an experienced wingsuit basejumper group testing some new V-series wingsuit prototypes and flying the V3, Hybrid LD2/Trango rigs around Europe.


There are now hundreds of amazing skydiving videos made by both professional skydiving video teams and amateur groups. Particularly since the advent of small extreme sports video cameras like the GoPro, anyone with the bravery and skill in the sport can create their own video. These BASE jump, wingsuit, and skydiving videos are some of the personal favorites of the team. However, if you feel we’re missing some great productions, please send us your own suggestions and personal favorites at  Also if you enjoyed it, share these top skydiving videos or this list with your friends and then go experience the thrill of the sport for yourself!