Skydive New England – Experience the Thrill

New England is a beautiful region to go skydiving because of its diverse geography, dotted with forests, rivers, lakes, and mountains. The six New England states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island all have fantastic skydiving dropzones.

panorama of vermont skydiving near the Green Mountains

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There are countless skydiving locations in New England near beautiful natural vistas like Vermont’s Green Mountains and lakes, the shores of Lake Champlain, the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts and Connecticut, the Connecticut River Valley, the Merrimack Valley, or the Taconic Mountain Range. From 12,000 feet, these beautiful vistas can be almost as breathtaking as the freefall itself.

New England Skydiving Weather and Seasons

tandem skydive new englandWeather patterns vary throughout the region but in general, New England has a wet, cool, and cloudy spring. Summers are short, mild, and often humid but when the weather is nice, New England summers are wonderful to be outdoors and skydiving. As any New England native can tell you, autumn in is lengthy and beautiful with leaves of all colors dotting the landscape. Winter will get quite cold and snowy.

On average, New England receives a moderate 40 to 60 inches of rainfall a year. Rain, snow, storms, high winds or gusts, low clouds, or fog can all delay or cancel a skydive jump for the day. When planning a skydive in New England, check your local weather forecast before the jump.


How to Dress for New England Skydiving on a Cold Day

Skydiving in New England during late fall, winter, or early spring is just as awesome as during the warmer months; just be prepared in case the day is cold. Most New England skydiving facilities will not remain open during the coldest months but for those that do, be sure to bundle up! To dress for the occasion, wear multiple layers of warm clothes with a jacket or coat on top to provide maximum wind resistance.  Wherever you choose to skydive in New England, the most important thing is to have an exciting and unforgettable adventure, and don’t forget to breathe!


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