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Slide 1: Skydiving 012


Slide 2: Fotos Salto Tandem

Saltos Tandem


Slide 3: Skydive Vietnam 2008

English: skydiving photo
Author divemasterking2000


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Panel 3: Tandem Álvaro Chau

Cámara: Seba Pavez
Tandem Master: Fabián Flores
Junio 2012


Skydiving Weather Conditions

Tandem Brittany Cronin

Cámara: Roberto Hernández
Tandem Master: Julio Muñoz

April 2012



About Skydiving

Tandem jump:


AFF lvl 2 jump video:



Skydive Chicago,_IL.jpg

By Douglas S. Smith.Douglas en.wikipedia from Wikimedia Commons


Chicago Cloud Gate



Las Vegas Skydiving

Las Vegas Tour Helicopter:



Seattle Skydiving

Space Needle:



Skydive San Diego

San Diego Panorama:




Skydive New England

Vermont Green Mountain Panorama:


Tandem jump:,_IL.jpg

By Douglas S. Smith.Douglas en.wikipedia from Wikimedia Commons



Skydive Arizona

Tandem AZ jump:


AZ ballooning:



Skydive Atlanta

Midtown Atlanta Skydive in HDR:



Skydive Hawaii

Skydive Hawaii sign: Flight Experience Guide Image Credit page